iCheck Automatic Tyre Deflators


iCheck Automatic Tyre Deflators

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iCheck Automatic Tyre Deflators
The iCheckTPMS Automatic Tyre Deflators allows the user to simply screw them on and walk away. This saves time and your knees from having to arduously kneel down and deflate one tyre at a time.

Australia’s fastest and lightest Automatic Tyre Deflators. Deflate a 265/75/16 tyre from 40 – 20 psi in 2.11 minutes!

Our Automatic Tyre Deflators will quickly and accurately deflate each tyre and stop automatically at the pre-set PSI. Simply dial in your desired PSI using our micrometer style laser engraved scale and let them go to work!

No one likes wasting time squatting down and running from tyre to tyre trying to set each one to the correct PSI. If you frequently air down for off-road adventures, then the iCheckTPMS Automatic Tyre Deflators are a must have.

They take half the time to deflate a tyre than a conventional valve removal tyre deflation device.

They will stop automatically at your pre-set PSI, ranging from 10-30psi. The iCheckTPMS tyre deflators are small, lightweight and easy to use.

With a light weight alloy body and laser etched markings they are built tough and will last many years making off roading more enjoyable.

Each kit contains four tyre deflators, a protective storage tin and printed instruction card with recommended pressures for different terrains.

-Adjustable from 10-30 PSI
-6061 grade aluminium for Superior Durability
-Stainless Steel Precision Spring for Unrivalled Accuracy
-O-Ring Seal for Increased Accuracy
-Comes Apart in Two Pieces for Easy Cleaning
-2 Year Warranty
-Protective Storage Tin

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